This are some sample applications with jdrawinglib, they aren't totally tested, the code will eventually be uploaded here (I need to clean them a bit).

Remember that in order to run this examples you'll need to have Java 7 in your computer.

  • Plotter, a small plotter application based on jdrawinglib and exp4j, it basically plots any function that has x as a variable on a given interval. This application tends to fail when a division by zero is encountered.
  • GraphicCreator, is a wrapper for, it's mostly used for testing jdrawinglib, but it has some practical applications to create graphics and images from human editable text files.
  • CityApp, an application developed by some students in order to learn some concurrent programming, now it has been stripped down and it's simply a lot of cars (squares) moving on a city.
  • GPixMapCreator, an application that lets you create objects to use them later on your application.
  • ParametricFun, an example of plotting parametric functions (found on the internet) with some multi-threaded capabilities.
  • GSpriteExample, a super mario like application that show very basic movement using
  • SimonCircuit, a simple circuit simulator.

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